Thoughts from dad to son…

Learning Fatherhood

In a few months, you’ll be six years old and a first grader.  I was browsing through the past entries here and I paused at every picture of you that I’ve posted so far.  Where has the time gone?  Sigh…

Based on my personal experience, lessons in fatherhood get exponentially difficult over time.  As you grow up, the many elements of being a good father seem to evolve and multiply tremendously.  I am afraid that I am messing it up quite gloriously.  I still hope to be able to catch up with my lessons as much as possible so that when the time comes, I wouldn’t have to say to you or to myself, “I have flunked fatherhood.”

I realized that the heart of a father, though it is the very source of common sense parenting for dads, can be drowned out by the other “roles” I have.  I am working on strengthening my foundations so that the roles that matter most, may also end up being the strongest – as a believer, father, husband, son and brother, citizen.

I believe I have said this before in some other way but that’s your old man – I repeat myself.  The value of my fatherhood is best reflected in the glory that are my children.  It matters not how other people see me as a person and a dad for as long as in the eyes of my wife and children, I am the husband and dad that I’m supposed to be.  Light years from perfect that’s for sure, but a good enough husband and dad nonetheless.  This is my hope.  This is my desire.

Son, if I fail you, and I do fail you many times, please know that beyond my failure, my love for you is not diminished.  If for anything, my love for you constantly grows every single day.  I only wish for you to be the best person that you can ever be, no matter what stage you are in your life.  I love you endlessly.


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