Thoughts from dad to son…

Understanding Love 1

The other day, I was trying to engage you in a conversation.  And as most our conversations go, they would normally be about cars, construction vehicles, cartoon characters from movies you watch over and over, your toys, and every now and then, people you know.  I can’t remember how our conversation eventually wound its way towards love but this, I vividly remember you say:  “I love mom, I love dad, I love Mateo, I love Nanay, I love Tatay, I love Lolo, I love Lola…  I love everyone!”

It put a big smile on my face to hear you say that.  And as always, it made me wonder how well you actually understood what you said.  I suppose that in your very young consciousness, your understanding of love is as complete as it can be and I can only pray that the concept of loving everyone stays with you until you are old and gray.

To love everyone is not easy.  But it is surely something that will get you through life.  The world is already negative and cynical and fearsome and depressed as it is.  Many people long to feel anything that may even just resemble being loved.  To genuinely love people, without hope or agenda, will build your character.  And to be a man of character is quite an achievement in and by itself.  Be a man of character, son.

More on this in the days to come.  I love you with my whole life and being.


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